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Track Policies

Track Policies

Nanostructured Thin Films

The Track objections are nanothickness and nanostructured metal and semiconductors thin films, its fundamentals, structure-property relationships and material behaviour finetuning. Special attention pays to synthesis strategies, methods and technologies for the thin films synthesis (such as sol-gel, electrodeposition, electroless deposition, CVD, etc.) and monolayers synthesis (Langmuir-Blodgett, self-assembled monolayers). Biological and polymer films also are in focus here.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Properties and Characterizations of Surfaces and Interfaces

The Track devoted to the physics and chemistry of the surfaces and interface, the practical aspect of its preparations and growth. Here the effects of surface and dimension effects are considered. Attention pays to applications of interface properties and their impact on the devices performance. Also here consider the results of investigation of surfaces and interface by the well known ad novel experimental approaches: Auger electron analysis (AES), secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS), transmission electron microscope (TEM), scanning tunneling microscope (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) X-ray, synchrotron and neutron techniques.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Producing and Characterizations of Nanoparticles

This Track aimed on a brought variety of techniques and methods for the nanoparticles synthesis low cost and precision as well. Among them the gas phases condensation, chemical methods, sol-gel, epitaxial, solid state processes, self assembly techniques, etc. Here emphasis the synthesis of the particles with complex structure with controlled properties. In the focus of this Track are the experimental methods for the study of the nanoparticles properties and the numerical simulations of the producing processes and properties of the nanoparticles.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanomagnetism: Fine Particles and Magnetic Multilayers

The Track objection is magnetic properties of the nanoparticles, nanostructures, and their ensembles, physics of fine particles and clusters, magnetization reversal process, magnetic phenomena of low-dimensional medias. The reports of the methods for producing namely fine magnetic particles and their arrays, measurements techniques are very suitable here. Special attention pays to the potential application of fine particles such as ultra high density recording media, ferrofluids, and applications in biomedicine. The second objection of this track are fundamentals and producing of multilayers with defined magnetic properties, its application to spin valve structures, giant magnetoresistance phenomena and spin dependent transport.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Functional Nanostructured Coatings

The Track devoted to the general issues of methods and technologies for coating of particles and surfaces as a method of artificial design of their specific properties. For surfaces it covered include the hard (based on carbon and nitride materials), high temperature, tribological, corrosion-resistant, and barrier coatings, the optical, conductive, and photocatalytic coatings. For nanoparticles it needs to underline the functionalization for the catalysis, sensors, biosensors, and organic molecules separation, for targeted drug delivery, other progressive therapy methods and for applications in advanced data recording and processing media.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Plasma and Ions for Surface Engineering. Radiations Effects

The coverage of this Track is physics of materials processing using ion and plasma beams, simulation and theory to surface modification of material. The main focus is settled on advanced plasma and ion sources, properties of technological plasmas, plasma treatment and cleaning (plasma-surface interaction, surface cleaning/plasma etching, ion treatment), deposition techniques (magnetron sputtering, vacuum arc deposition, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition), plasma spraying, Ion-assisted deposition, hybrid and duplex processes, plasma diffusion treatment. Fundamental and applied issues of large set of phenomena that arises from the interaction of all types of radiation with condensed matter are also suitable here.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanopolymers and Nanocomposites, Carbon Nanomaterials

Here main objections are the properties, producing techniques, present and potential applications of such matters. Among them the following issues are considered: High hardness WC/Co materials for cutting tools, nanocomposite cements, low-loss soft magnetic materials, superplastic forming of ceramics, ultrahigh-strength, tough structural materials, nanofilled polymer composites. Self-assembled nanostructures (lamellar-like strictures and colloidal particles with block copolymers), non-self-assembled nanostructures (polymer brushes, nanofibres, porous materials, and other low-dimensional nanostructures) also are in focus. The special place devoted to the carbonaceous martials (include carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon fibers and filaments, graphene, activated carbons, pyrolytic carbons, glass-like carbons) and nanodiamonds such as nanocrystalline diamond powder particles (DPP), detonation nanodiamond (DND).

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanomechanics, Nanodevices Producing and Applications

This Track is focused on studying fundamental mechanical (elastic, thermal and kinetic) properties of physical systems at the nanometer scale (such as thin films, nanoparticles, nanopowders, nanowires, nanorods, nanoribbons, nanotubes). Quantum and dimensional effects, as well as cruicial role of thermal fluctuation are the main objection here. Second part of the Track devoted to engineered nanosystems and nanoscale machines, MEMs aspects of molecular nanotechnology, such as synthetic molecular motors, molecular self-assembly, etc.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Advances in Equipment and Technologies

The Track devoted to the design of a new equipment and working out of new methods for the producing of any nanomaterials producing or their properties measurements. Its coverage can intersect with all other tracks. The submission here suitable, when the main results are consists of the improvement of equipment and techniques that essentially expand its performance.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanomaterials Applications in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics

This Track focused on the utilizing the nanostructured materials in modern electronic trends, sensors systems, circuits. Reports about the systems of information processing, new architecture of computers are very suitable in this Track. A special attention pay to implementation in real devices of novel materials, (such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, POSS, graphene), and new elementary base (such as magnetic tunnel junction, spin-based transistors, nanophotonics chips). Track also covers the field where nanoscience meets photonics, optics and spectroscopy.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanomaterials Applications in Biotechnologies and Medicine

The range of contributions of this Track encompasses on the properties on the novel nanobiotechnology. Topics covered include bioseparations, biosensing, assay labeling, bioimaging, Hyperthermia cancer treatment, Targeted drug delivery and toxin removal, based on nanoparticles medical diagnostics methods. It is anticipated that reports will be submitted from researchers in the areas of pharmaceutics, polymer science, transport and diffusional phenomena, biomedical systems, and biochemical engineering.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

The Track covers the physics, chemistry, and engineering of nanomaterials and nanodevices used in all forms of energy, conversion, harvesting, and storage. Here welcome contributions on the following issues: photovoltaics, light emitting diodes, piezoelectric nanogenerators fuel cells, hydrogen generation and storage, self-powered nanodevices, supercapacitors.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Peer Reviewed

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